Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Farm report

Thanks for all who checked up on the farm after hurricane Irene passed by.  We had one tree fall on across a trailer, but amazingly nothing broke. Since the storm passed on the eastern side of the state, we didn't get more than about an inch and a half of rain and wind gusts up to 40mph. We lost about 50 stalks in the sweet corn plot, 1/2 of our heavily fruited hot peppers have tilted over and another dwarf apple tree is falling over, but it was already starting to do that anyway. Seems to be their thing. The apples and remaining plums dropped tons of fruit in the high winds, but as I get around to picking them up, the pigs are really happy! And they have a great swimming hole under their sun shelter.

Off to prepare to harvest another several hundred pounds of potatoes for West Haven Farm's CSA. We made our first delivery last week, and we have 7 more weekly harvests before their CSA ends for the season.

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