Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pigs and tractor

We picked up a "new" tractor and the pigs have finally gone out on pasture yesterday. The wet spring really put us behind schedule, which was a bit of a frustration. But getting a 1953 farmall super A on the farm is very exciting. The jeep tractor has been great, but as we are expanding our acreage under cultivation it's become clear that we weren't equipped for the all the new crops going in the ground.

The pigs are now out on pasture with a new shelter and rolling water/feed cart. We're playing with using the electric net fencing to rotate paddocks around the shelter. Last year we had a movable shelter, but it would often get stuck in the mud, and was too heavy to move without getting the jeep into the paddock with the pigs.
Since we have 6 pigs (4 last year) we have to move them more often, so anything to make their moves quicker and easier seemed like a good idea. The cart came with the farmall purchase, and it fit a 55gal drum with two feeders mounted on the sides. We'll see how well it holds up to the pigs' abuse.