Friday, September 9, 2011

At least someone is enjoying all this mud

The pigs are thoroughly enjoying all the rain we've had this week. (7.81 inches for the week measured at the weather station at nearby Ecovillage at Ithaca).
They usually spend about 2 weeks on a given area of the field, and then we move their electric fencing. But they're doing such a good job at digging, and eating all the weeds, that we'll have to move them this weekend after 4 days on one spot. And they're so playful in the mud that they're almost dangerous to get in the pen with. Not that they're aggressive. Just that they're getting heavy enough that a good sideswipe from one spinning around in play (at knee level) that you have to watch yourself in the pen. I've been tossing apples to them to just to watch all 6 of them run after the apple all at once. Imagine a four-legged rugby scrum and you get the picture. We'll be selling them around Thanksgiving, so they'll be really big by then. You can buy 1/2 a pig at $3.50/lb plus the processing cost which varies by smoking, cuts, and packaging options. Just ask for details.
Leeks surrounded by their own moat

As you can see, the crops are mostly surrounded by water so no mechanical harvesting for a few days. We harvested and lugged by hand crates of tomatoes, potatoes, corn, soybeans (for edamame), leeks, onions, tomatillos and some flowers for our "market" at Felicia's Atomic Lounge this evening for happy hour (5-7). Since we're delivering produce to them anyway (for some of their locavore drinks and toppings for their pizzas) we get to hang out with our friends and sell a little bit of our produce along the way.