Saturday, March 8, 2014

S is for Support

As this bitterly cold and blustery winter howls on, the Tree Gate Farm CSA is living proof that while the acronym CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, the relationship between members and farmers is about more than money. Here at Tree Gate Farm, the material support our members furnish comes with phenomenal and unstinting moral support. Lucky, lucky farmers we are.

The latest reminder of that support was the CSA fair, a marketing event hosted by Tompkins County Cooperative Extension in a local middle school cafeteria.

Early each March, we update our brochure, put together a slide show of farm photos, assemble an array of colorful produce, display some of our handmade soap (a special gift for new members), and get ready to talk. Over the course of three hours, a few hundred prospective locavores wander through, visiting with purveyors of everything from apples to zucchini (ha, ha), picking up brochures, and asking a LOT of great questions. 

Tree Gate Farm drew a spot between a sprout CSA (best salad ever!) and a mushroom CSA. Also represented: hard cider, bread, pickles, even bison meat. Was there ever any question that we live in the absolutely most fabulous place to eat local?!

Perhaps the highlight for us was the number of participants from our 2013 CSA who came by to say hello and renew their membership for 2014. I can't remember the last time I got that many hugs! Or maybe the highlight was their many friends, family members, and colleagues who explained that one of our members had sent them to learn more about our quirky model for providing affordable access to fresh fruits and vegetables, pastured meat, even cut flowers, vigorous garden transplants, and handmade soaps. Wow -- we're honored!

Once again, we printed so many brochures we were sure we wouldn't run out -- and then we did. So for folks who didn't make it to the fair or who missed out on the text version of what we offer, click here.