Friday, February 5, 2010

The oinkers are coming, the oinkers are coming...

Yes friends, we've decided to add 3 piglets to the farm this year. So in usual Tree Gate Farm fashion, we're borrowing fencing, building a makeshift pen till they're ready to go outside full time in the spring, and shopping for the best breed that likes to dig. One of their purposes, besides being raised for meat, is that pigs moved through the field in a moderate sized enclosure, will dig up many of the perennial weeds and grasses before we move them to the next pen. Don't worry, the pigs actually like doing this. It's part of their natural behavior, and we'll supplement their diets, and give them a good movable structure that provides them with shade during the day (did you know pigs can get sunburned?) .  After the pigs are done digging (and pooping) in one spot, we'll level the soil a bit, and seed with a seasonally appropriate cover or green manure crop to improve the soil and get it ready for additional plantings. We'll add pics and more info when they arrive.

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  1. Slowly but surely, the critters move in. I am excited!