Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tree Gate Farm- Wish List

We have a number of projects, and we could always use help in finding low/no cost supplies. Reusing old equipment is always our preference over buying new, so if you come across someone else's "junk" that could help us build our farm, let us know. THANKS!

Some of our projects include:
Low tunnels
Compost/soil amendments
Jeep/ATV as our "Tractor"
Rainwater capture and irrigation
Market trailer
Livestock infrastructure
Biochar kiln
Food Processing
Solar Dehydrator
Solar Concentrator

...the detailed listing after the jump.

Low tunnels (9-gauge wire & row cover) for 30" beds
    4' sections of PEX tubing, plastic 1" pipe, or electrical conduit

Compost/soil amendments
Horse or cow manure
Bags of leaves (you rake 'em, we'll break 'em down)
Wood chips (particularly the small ends of branches, known as ramial or ramal wood)

Jeep/ATV as Tractor- We're using a Kolpin Dirtworks 3 point hitch mounted to our Jeep at the moment as our "tractor" ( more on this in an upcoming blog post)
Mounting brackets for various implements to go on 2" square tool bar
Set of 4 disks for second tool bar
Category 0 implements and toolbars, what's being used by other small farmers?
One 30" and one 48" section of plastic drain pipe (8"-20" diameter) to be filled with concrete with a pipe inserted to make home-made cultipackers
30" lawn roller (Steel) for welding crimpers to for making a compact version of the no-till roller designed at: Rodale Institute

Rainwater capture and irrigation
Screw lids for the 30-gallon barrels Mark brought (some are missing the fine threaded caps)
Note- We've moved on to using 330 gallon cubes.
Connectors for 1" and 1-1/2" flexible black PVC pipe from the cabin.
Outside faucets- will need one per barrel
Short garden hose pieces and connectors from barrel to barrel

Market trailer
Enclosed trailer that can be a "booth on wheels" if we are to sell at markets other than the farmer's market. Lugs and baskets with flip up sides on the trailer, or roll out shelving?
lugs to store & transport veggies (durable, stackable plastic--often from nursery shipments)
wooden baskets to display produce
portable scale

Biochar kiln
We're looking to buiild a biochar retort similar to this design (YouTube Video)
30 gallon steel barrel- top will be removed
Steel cover for 55 barrel- hole in center will attach to chimney pipe
copper tubing for heat recovery system
Note: now all we need is a new chimney...we've melted the old one.

Food Processing
additional oven racks
large, heavy-weight cookie trays (Mom and Dad K provided two)
freezer containers (the kind meant for freezing food, with very durable seals)
large, heavy, non-reactive pot for jams, tomatoes  (thanks Mom and Dad)
1-gallon (or larger) stoneware crock for pickles, sauerkraut  ditto
Food-grade 3-6 gallon buckets w/lids (thanks Mark)

Solar Dehydrator (window screens)

Solar Concentrator (Sheffield Collector)

Small Concrete mixer- with hand crank for soil mixing and slipcast concrete work.
Deep Cycle Batteries, they can be pretty expensive, so we want to look for deals...for solar PV/wind system, electric vehicles, etc.
Also looking for reused items? Got other stuff to pass on to someone else? Check out Finger Lakes ReUse!

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